New year, new commitments 

To Bicycle ride the Bay Area ridge trail is a long term ambition of mine. I imagined traveling around the bay the way a through hiker does with the appellation or sierra crest trail  The ridge trail was a William Penn Mott Jr. dream , a longtime advocate and imagineer for open spaces. The ridge trail would surround the ridges hilltops and mountains of the San Francisco Bay . This trail would pass through 9 counties and 75 parks. This dream  is now being carried on with countless volunteers and committees dedicated to finishing the Bay Area ridge trail. The ridge trail will unite  communities of the Bay Area with our most treasured resource, Open space. 

The journey has begun. Planning, plotting courses  and  a lot of training. It is hard to focus on anything else. Do I have the right equipment? Will I have enough training before the trip ? How far can “I ride” in a day? And so much to learn about social media. This is becoming a transformation from my former self, a journey of overcoming fears and learning what we can achieve with will and determination. 

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