Any ride is a good ride

The last day of December training ride was through Annadel and  Sugarloaf State Parks. This section of the Bay Area ridge trail is an out and back route on 2729 foot Bald mountain. Majority of the trail in Sugarloaf is paved for bicycles, possibly the steepest bike path in California. For the entire ride  I had 5200 ft of climbing ” a mile! It was a wet return though Annadel making it time to be one with this mud. Off to Calistoga to purge the toxins of 2016 and  start the new year. 

Mud Baths in Calistoga

Bald Mountain towards Napa Valley

Jan 5,  This has been one wet winter!  All those rain dances, prayers and wishes for the drought to end are now being paid forward. The sun will come out today ,we are expecting another series of storms,and I better get out there and ride. 
 The commute was a Bay Area cold 32 degrees and foggy. In the moment It appears Mother Nature is directing  my ridge trail training to the gym . There will be many spin classes, heavy lifting and the endless trail on the treadmill. I am looking forward to the first adventure ride of the year, Old CAZ, (more on old Caz later) 

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