Live to Ride, Ride for Community

My career as Kitchen Collective chef at the Redwood Empire food bank has taught me lessons on community. I have learned the people we help are not the only ones who benefit,.A community of volunteers is needed to produce our meals, these volunteers have raised their happiness and success in life through giving. To help the community that shares the ridge trail , my gift is raising  awareness of the Bay Area ridge trail and promoting advocacy between users .I met with the Bay Area ridge trail council this week to ask this community for their support. At our meeting it was apparant  The Bay Area Ridge trail council also needs additional support with donations and volunteers. Please support this wonderful non profit organization.   

Last month I watched a film (personal gold) a documentary about the 2012 women’s track cycling team competing at the London Olympics. The US Cycling team was at a disadvantage in national support vs other countries.They overcame the odds and won a silver medal in the team trial event.  The women  learned the most  valuable aspect of their win was the team that supported them, ad hoc trainers, dietitians, doctors, sports technology and an incredible amount of assistance from their husbands. 

Today my ride took me to Sugarloaf state park, Sonoma Mountain and Annadel sections of the Bay Area ridge trail. This is my neighborhood and some very challenging turf. The rain might have been a blessing after all. The time in the gym let me work with spin bicycle trainers. All day in my head I listened to  “hydrate””pedal in full circles” “run up that hill” “hover” good for bumpy downhills, and most important “you got this”.  My training  may not be as sophisticated  as the Olympic women’s supporting team but it is growing and I’m listening. 

Look out Ridge Trail, I’m coming for you!


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