Marin Trail Report 

MLK weekend riding in Sonoma and Marin. Using a computer to map a route doesn’t always relate to reality. You can see named roads and trails on the map, arrive in person and see  a no trespassing or  no bikes sign  I did have fun exploring around and asking  for directions.  To find the trailheads  I learned to look for cars bunched on the side of the road and follow the canine crowd. In the first mile of many city open spaces, it is crowded with shepherds, pit mixes, labradoodles and every type of dog imaginable. This will  be a welcome but surreal scene after a few days of riding  on the Bay Area ridge trail. This brought to mind,  could this common group of trail users be an untraditional ally for the Bay Area ridge trail ?     

Sunday’s goal,  to scout out chicken shack and big rock fire roads. These bypass routes are steep and demanding. Over to the South side,  the big rock segment of the Bay Area ridge trail is my new favorite. Beautiful groomed doublewide trail with water bar whoops, pumps, perfect elevation grades, and excellent drainage.After riding trails in ankle deep mud, it was refreshing to glide on hard pack. The views of Marin, The coast and the bay are wide open and worth it . Below this trail is sky walker ranch, Marin with it’s beauty must have influenced many films.    

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