Back to the grind

The grasshopper adventure series Old Caz Ride on January 28th was a blast. Over 500 bicyclists raced or rode in perfect 60 degree weather through redwoods, riverside, creeks, mud and tarmac. This ride is 50 plus miles and 4700 feet of elevation. I was proud of my finish, I learned many lessons and enjoyed the camaderie of fellow riders. This was all in fun and a great warm up for continued training. The old caz route is a typical day for my ride around the bay ridge trail. 

Sunday after the ride it was back to the pack mule,  I am currently trying out a new pair of Jones H-bars. These  handlebars are a bit different for a mountain bike, a swept back cruiser look with a cross bar up front. They are very comfortable,gear friendly  and super stable on the downhill. I  think of my bike as a wheelbarrow now. A few local training routes include the geysers pine mountain flat and lake Sonoma near Healdsburg CA. The first two are serious road climbs and lake Sonoma is a singletrack torture fest of 700 foot whoops. After three years and four bikes, I think we are dialed, The 2016 Jamis Dragonslayer with 2.8 WTB ranger tires, A low gear of 26X36, H bars and a brooks saddle. All about the comfort. I have plenty of room for supplies in the Defiant frame bag,  Oveja Negra saddle bag ,Harness, and Wanderlust Monida bags.  


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