Mind over matter

The conditioning for the Bay ridge trail ride is relentless,  load all my gear on the bike and ride the tallest hills , find the next tallest hill and repeat. When it rains too much, I climb the stair stepper, pedal intervals on the spin bike and run up 7% grades on the treadmill, Will this be enough?  only my mind will know. I have aches, pain, blisters, and sores in new places every day. This is all very troublesome and can make me think, what have I got myself into? Who thought of this crazy idea?  My mind got me into this, now it is time to condition the conscience,  the body will heal, but it is my  mindset that will carry me over the mountain and over the next. 

2 thoughts on “Mind over matter

  1. Don,
    You are one tough and determined dude!
    Yes, At some point the stamina/will ratio flips. For me, when road riding, it flips at around 60 miles or so. Then, mental will and training kicks in. On your ride it will be a matter of getting up and doing this day after day. You will will be thinking strategically about your daily effort but you have the fire burning inside for riding which will give you an extra edge. I learned this when we rode in Tahoe for 3 days. That is where I first heard about this historic challenge you have selected for yourself.
    You train hard and plan meticulously so when you face difficulty on the ride you will say, “I am ready for this.”
    You are laying the ground work for success.


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