Keep it green , 

We had beautiful weather in Northern California this weekend. I needed to get out to test some equipment, check the trails and push my fitness with the fully loaded Mountain bike. I left from home, the mustard is blooming and the grasses are incredibly green. Unfortunately Northern California still has plenty of mud and waist deep creeks. I stayed to the roads and well graded trails, I travelled 45 miles and 4500 feet of elevation my first day and matched my numbers for the trip home. I am comfortable on the bike and my gear is still being reviewed.    

Los Alamos road to Mt Hood

The one thing I did not miss on this trip was unsettling political conversations. Our national parks, open spaces and environment have been threatened. I find it shocking to see our national park employees fighting  to keep our protected land free from development and environmental damage. The Sierra club is supporting political groups. There is controversy between outdoor retailers about how to properly represent the industry. 

The Bay ridge trail follows A green belt of public space encircling the Bay Area. Northern California encompasses many Grass roots organizations, alliances, open space advocates outdoor retailers and the people who love these spaces.  There is a need to unite, show our strength, have a voice in our government and protect our most fundamental need, the earth we walk on. 

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