Commuter life lessons

My career working as a chef had many miles of driving to work and long days. There was not a chance to commute by bicycle. I wanted to share in this alternate cult culture, to have a beater bike, U locks, hip clothing and messenger bags. 

Losing my job as hotel chef was the best thing to happen to me. I couldn’t walk away from the stress filled “positive tension” as it was called, or my selfish ego. Many  life lessons were learned and a wonderful opportunity fell into my life. I took a job as the kitchen collective chef  at the Redwood Empire food bank. I now lead a team of volunteers preparing meals for our community in need. Our food is distributed throughout our county to seniors, families and anyone in need. 

With my new career came the opportunity for a  10 mile bicycle commute. This didn’t turn out as easy as I thought. Now I have to get up an hour earlier to ride in, change clothes three times a day. I didn’t think about the weather in my  dream images, frosty mornings, rainy wet days, and the endless head wind on the way home. As a casual cyclist I would routinely pick and choose better times and routes to avoid these pitfalls. How could I imagine flat tires only happen when you are running late. With this are the hidden suprises, beautiful sunrises, fitness, and  joy from just enjoying this ride you are on. All this has taught me about myself  and the community around me, with support and determination any challenge can be overcome. 

Come ride with me and support the bay ridge trail on April 22 at Ridge to bridge event. This will be my third day, I will be loaded up and riding to the Presidio, riders can stay at Rob Hill campground in San Francisco, you can also support me as a rider and funds will go to the Bay Area ridge trail,    let’s complete the loop!

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