Down Time

I had to take a short break from training from my Bay Ridge trail ride.The flu has caught up with me and my body is telling me to slow down. At this moment I’m looking for a homeopathic pill or magic potion to cure me of this misery. These thoughts also crossed my mind last weekend on a training ride,  my leg abductors had siezed up and I had to walk till it passed., I researched remedies deep into the night. magnesium, zInc, electrolytes, baking soda?  quinine? With all the options, I can see how athletes get into performance enhancments.Whats works for me  at the moment is to steadily get past the overwhelming pain and fear by talking myself down. relax, loosen the body and mind.  Slow down and enjoy  “this moment”  Seems the bay ridge trail will have many of these life lessons to endure. 

By the numbers

Technology and cycling, quite a controversy, Are we better cyclists now that we have power meters, strava and electronic shifting? We might be faster or more knowledgeable but I think we are missing the point. I started mountain biking to get away from it all, to enjoy the solitude 

On a training ride, I carry a heart monitor, gps, and a smart phone to capture the beat and record the efforts for social media. On One tough desolate ride all tech failed, I spent the next half hour upset that my epic ride wasn’t recorded. This Left me time to look around. listen to the crunching dirt path under the tires, watch the cool wind rush through the pines and feel the icy chills of raindrops dripping down the collar. Hills were summited, pain came and went, trail rythym and cadence became flow. All this technology was distracting my senses. This is what I ride for, to become a part of our world in its natural state.