Down Time

I had to take a short break from training from my Bay Ridge trail ride.The flu has caught up with me and my body is telling me to slow down. At this moment I’m looking for a homeopathic pill or magic potion to cure me of this misery. These thoughts also crossed my mind last weekend on a training ride,  my leg abductors had siezed up and I had to walk till it passed., I researched remedies deep into the night. magnesium, zInc, electrolytes, baking soda?  quinine? With all the options, I can see how athletes get into performance enhancments.Whats works for me  at the moment is to steadily get past the overwhelming pain and fear by talking myself down. relax, loosen the body and mind.  Slow down and enjoy  “this moment”  Seems the bay ridge trail will have many of these life lessons to endure. 

3 thoughts on “Down Time

  1. Hey Don,

    I had something similar, so here is just an idea (based on my experiences). Sometimes, what you describe (muscles seizing up) might be just your body telling you that you are overworking that specific muscle, i.e. you are stressing it with your training too much (and too quickly) for it to recover. The fact that just relaxing helps you, points in that direction. If so, then supplements and other “enhancements” might not be of much help. Rather, you can look into incorporating more “balanced” muscle development routines in your training. Or doing something to speed up muscular strengthening and recovery (something like relaxing, focus breathing in controlled manner, “loosening up”, etc. that is exactly what you are doing). You might also look into “Trigger Point Therapy,” an interesting perspective and might be helpful. Anyway, best of luck with everything and speedy recovery!



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