First day

April 19th, 8:00 starts my Bay Area ridge trail ride,. I have a short photo shoot and interview with REI CoOp, and will ride out with a small group after coffee. REI has been very supportive of the Bay Area ridge trail in thier rewilding initiative. I look forward to hearing from REI team members and riding with them. 

The gear fits into the bags and last minute clothing options are finished,

My first day is short on mileage but makes up in altitude, I pass through 5 parks and gain 5900 feet, Mt hood and bald mtn have grades in the 19 to 34% range. I start the ride through Trione Annadel state park  ,This is my home turf, I  volunteer at the park and ride with Annadel Mountain Bike Group. My first night is camping at Sugarloaf state park, a great group of volunteers help staff this park and it is a great Sonoma county getaway. 

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