Sweet second day

A bit wet last night but everything stayed dry in turkey bags, Sonoma mtn was difficult but it went by fast, the top of Sonoma mtn was fast and flowy at the top then it all broke loose. Trees on the trail, ankle deep peanut butter mud, and slippery trails caused the first fall on soft grass, I got up laughing, I shredded a bag mount but there is always a plan b. 

Petaluma to Novato, sweet tailwinds, it was a bit of culture shock rolling into Petaluma traffic, I was ready to roll through. It made my day to see a fellow AMBG rider, Micah. He rode with me all the way to mt Burdell summit. This gesture really helped me get up the last hill. 62 miles 5600′ vertical 

3 thoughts on “Sweet second day

  1. Ouch – lots of hills!! Glad it’s you and not me!! I go over mountains if there is no way to go around.
    Good luck as the heat goes up this weekend!! Enjoy.
    Marty W


  2. Looks like you may have some superb weather coming during the next week or two.
    Subject to change, of course. Hope it holds for you, we all love it too!


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