Ridge to bridge ride

Day four, big turnout for the start up jewel trail,  36 riders, We weaved our way up Bolinas ridge through the redwoods and onto seaside views at panoramic highway. Through pantoll station and cardiac hill from the dipsea trail, quick Singletrack down coastal and a big grind up Diaz ridge. We summitted two more hills finishing at the golden gate and the presidio. 

Helping a esquestrian with her horse, I wiped all the horse hair on my face just after this. 

Camping in San Francisco at Rob hill, Very Peaceful  setting  in an urban area. Tomorrow I ride with SF urban riders and meet Ammon for a docent escort through SF watershed Fife Cahill. 

3 thoughts on “Ridge to bridge ride

  1. Sounds like you had a great day yesterday. I am so sorry I missed it!

    No pressure but the AMBG folks (Cris A, Allan F, Jeff B, myself) are getting excited about celebrating the end of your ride, both during and after. I know you said you were planning an AMBG Meet Up for 4/30 up Oathill Mine. We can help with that.

    Maybe it would be easier if I talk with Anne? I want to make sure we coordinate with any plans she may be a part of. Let me know what works. 707-328-8420



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