Day 8 Rest day

The last two days wore on me, my Gps tallied 16000 feet, I detoured to Alum rock park going up The casual  Penetencia  creek trail. Going up the ridge trail in Alum park was steep in sections , it started to rain lightly and get chilly. I rode a steep sided Sierra vista to the top. Sierra and Felter roads would be a beautiful road ride,

 At this point, my body started slowing down and running out of energy. I made a decision to split today’s ride and ride 2500′ Mission peak in better weather. I might have been a bit ambitious planning three big elevation days in a row, I will pedal on tomorrow stronger in health and mind. 

Thank you for all the support everyone, This moment my thoughts are on “one ridge trail section at a time.”  This is what I signed up for, spacious views, unpredictable nature and challenge. With this comes a range of emotion, thoughts and feelings . I look forward to exploring the next bend in the ridge trail. 

3 thoughts on “Day 8 Rest day

  1. The photos are great

    The weather is going to be better and you will be fine

    We will see you soon back in the kitchen but now just 😊


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