Day 9 hard fought miles

Well I was warned about Mission peak, I am glad I split this last segment, Mission peak from the south is one steep cow pasture, this means unrideable flat sections, mud and a lot of cow pies. I am glad my panniers are camouflage because the mud and cow manure don’t show. This stuff was everywhere, somehow it even got on my glasses. I walked the entire 2500 feet up Mission peak. 

This how I felt today, these guys were good company. 

When I arrived at the backpack camp, I was awe inspired, it reminded me of backpacking in the Sierras, I was alone looking at clouds , listening to the wind and feeling nature. This was such a blissful experience. 

The ride back to the Silicon valley was bumpy, cowpoopy and sometimes confusing. I rode up Niles canyon to find my route road closed again , I rerouted through Hayward, “muhh” is how I felt. Just keep pushing the pedals. I marched up Old oak trail to lake Chabot and set up camp, very quiet up here right now , this is why I chose this challenge. 

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