Day 10 Riding on 

Had a great night sleep, ready to roll, East bay tour, I was glad to be able to be riding and not pushing, lake Chabot was mellow fireroad to bort meadows, this section would be a fun on a gravel grinder. At redwood park the grade increased an I had a short push up to the ridge. 

Lots of licensed dog walkers use West ridge trail approaching the observatory. 

Redwood park before it gets mean. Time to climb the wall.  Observatory at the top. 

At the top of Skyline I met Austin McInerny of NICA, a cycling organization for high school students. We rode over skyline down  to the Caldecott tunnel and up Fish grade to Tilden park. Austin showed me a few trails he has helped become multiuse. East bay MUD is still very protective of thier trails creating breaks in the ridge trail for mountain bikers. It is a shame there is a lot of beautiful single track in the East bay hills. 

I passed on El Sobrante hills and Crocket hills, I have had bad luck with closed roads and Alhambra road was definitely closed and Pinole valley is closed to mtb use. I stayed with my original reroute and found a great bayside path sponsored by the bay trail. caraquinez scenic route. 

Tomorrow I’m off to Benicia connector, Lynch Canyon, Rockville, and Skyline park. 

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