Day 11 the heat is on 

On the road at 7:30 am, I had a drag race with a few road bikes over the Martinez bridge. Today was a day of misdirection, The Benecia buffer section begins in the parking lot of a preschool, a trail angel showed me the way. The trail is well built with many switchbacks and wide vistas. 

I rolled through Hiddenbrooke and Lynch canyon open space, it was heating up by the time I entered Rocklin park. I met the Ranger about halfway. 

Just kidding, I bought a pass before entering. In 70 parks and this was the only one I had to pay for. The ranger and all the visitors had a good vibe here. I missed a turn and got a bit lost from the bay trail but enjoyed the ride finding my way. I rode through Jameson canyon with a tailwind and cheered on from a passerby. I made good time to Skyline park. I was quickly riding up my old after work ride and I heard a loud cat hiss and growl from the high grass next to me. there was nothing following and I wasn’t about to check out the area, I gave this cat space and I quickly created more space between us .  This was only my second encounter with a big cat.i was glad tudeur loop was closed to bikes. I took a different way down. Spending a movie night with my son, daughter in law and my adorable grandchildren, 

Tomorrow I will ride up to Moore park, quick sprint up Bothe park and I will finish on Monday morning riding an up and back at Oathill Mine Rd. 

2 thoughts on “Day 11 the heat is on 

  1. With good weather I hope your last days of your run will be great
    You were missed last night at the “empty bowls”
    See you Wednesday



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