The Bay Area ridge trail ride is finished! 

A quick ride up Oat hill mine road in Calistoga was the finish to my 550 mile journey. I climbed 68000 feet on my mountain bike and overcame my fears. My tour included many emotions, fear, frustration, inner strength, joy and triumph. I have to say there were moments of insecurity and not completing my challenge, but i enjoyed every moment. This was type two fun, the kind of challenges that are not planned but just occur. My planning, training and preparation had worked. 

 Oat hill mine road was a perfect finish, the most technical trail of the trip. Beautiful views, interesting geology and home turf advantage. 

 I will remember the Bay Area ridge trail ride every time I see a RT blue marker 

I was fortunate to see so much wildlife so near to our cities and towns. Snakes, birds of prey,  deer, squirrels, coyote, wild boars, and the presence of cougars.
The journey was a personal challenge that became a team accomplishment. The Bay area ridge trail is a community of advocates, supporters and volunteers that are continuing to build a trail system to be enjoyed my many. The ridge trail in an icon for the conservation of open space,The trail preserves wild life, native species , and the lifestyle of Northern California. I felt true inner peace and tranquility every time I left the road for the ridge trail. . This feeling was mutual with every person I met in this open space. There is joy and accomplishment when a new segment of trail is introduced.. 

Join a team working to complete this mission, my challenge is for everyone to participate, become an advocate, supporter, or join a local conservation organization. Individuals create a team, teams can make a difference. 

I will be attending Ales and trails in Marin county on May 20th, and will continue to have presentations with REI Co-Op. Stay in touch 

Day 12 Almost there

Up early to avoid the heat again, I am a slow mover today, The closer I get the harder it gets. Long ride down Napa valley, they have started the vine trail, a bike path through the valley. 

A short hop up to Moore creek park, near lake Hennessy, beautiful pine and oaks, steep sided hills yet well graded Singletrack. This was some great riding. 

Back to the road and cross the valley to Bothe park.,past the campground, the bay trail goes up Ritchey Canyon trail , a tranquil redwood canyon, great place to beat the heat and relax, after the creek crossing, the grade increases, I hope the next new ridge trail Segment joins this trail with the Los Alamos or sugarloaf park system this would be a great two day bikepack trip near my home . 

Yurts in Bothe park 

I’m relaxing in Calistoga with my wife today, As soon as it started my Bay Ridge trail ride will be over Tommorow with an up and back at Oathill mine road. I have learned many lessons and have a greater respect for our environment, all the trail advocates, volunteers and the Bay Area Ridge trail council.